GSL Translations specializes in translating legal, corporate and commercial documents, including:

  • Certificates and licenses
  • Company corporate documents
  • Laws, legislative acts and regulations
  • Contracts and powers of attorney
  • Law books

Translation between different legal systems requires translators to be aware of the legal terminology accepted in another country and often to provide an explanation for the benefit of the target-language audience. Our translators know very well the requirements of the legal and consulting services sector. Being in constant contact with partners from abroad, they can always ask for advice and thus deliver a sound and motivated translation. Members of our translation team are chosen not only for their education, but also for knowledge of their specialist field.

Also we provide qualified translations in the following domains:

  1. Economy and finance
  2. Banking and taxation
  3. Accounting and audit
  4. Business correspondence
  5. Technical documentation

Additional services of our Agency include:

  1. Proofreading and editing
  2. Analytical research and writing articles and reviews of legislation and legal practices of various countries
  3. Websites translation
  4. Consecutive interpretation
  5. Notary certification of the translator’s signature