About us

GSL Translations is a Moscow-based translation agency engaged in purely professional activity. We provide translation and interpreting services for both Russian and international clientele specializing mostly in legal and commercial translations.

We started as a translations department of the law firm GSL Law & Consulting and now we are a separate entity within GSL Group. High professional level of our translators forms the backbone of our translation services. All translators working for GSL Translation Agency have university degrees in linguistics and some of them additionally have degrees in law, economics or finance.

Our prime concern is the highest standard of quality and responsiveness to our clients’ needs. If necessary when doing translations we consult lawyers, accountants and other domain specialists. Editors proofread and edit all translations trying to verify terminology, maintain consistency throughout the document and comply with the initial task requirements.

Thus you may rest assured that your translations are accurate and of high quality, terms are correct and your idea is conveyed right. We are committed to excellence!

You need our services if you want:

  • Russian customers to learn about you directly from your own web-site in Russian
  • to go global and spread your services to the Russian market
  • to promote your company in Russia
  • to read some documents or articles written in the Russian language